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Zdjęcia i wideo Styl życia
Desenvolvedor: iSpyMedia LLC

PhotoOpp is the fun and interactive way of taking and sharing photos of any live event such as wedding receptions, ceremonies, conventions, parties, sporting events and more!

PhotoOpp becomes the life of the party by allowing any guest with an iPhone the ability to upload the pictures they take to a live slide show running continuously, live, right at the event. Simply take the pic and click send and within seconds, your image is displayed, larger than life, for all to see. Youll be amazed at just how engaged your guests will be as they add and contribute photo memories to the ever growing slide show.

Advanced GPS technology activates the PhotoOpp app when it arrives at the geographical location of the PhotoOpp enabled event. In doing so, the app customizes itself for the occasion by branding itself with the name of the occasion, guest(s) of honor and more.

After the event, all the photos that were taken and displayed from the slide show become available to every guests at to download, print, email and upload to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social networking sites.